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Welcome to Phil Bradley's website!

Internet search, search engines, search techniques, Web 2.0 information and resources are all things that I try and cover, with the emphasis being on librarians and librarianship. Regular visitors will see that the site is currently undergoing a make over, so there'll be a little disruption for a while until I get all of my pages ported across to the new version. Hopefully however it won't cause too much of a problem for you.

New Articles

I always try and add new content on a regular basis. Newly written or updated articles can be found below:

Search engine pearltree. I've curated over 200 search engines into a resource called a pearl, which comes from the excellent 'Pearltrees' website. You might it's worth a look.

Which social network should I use as a librarian? This is a three page article looking at social media resources and discussing which you should use and what you can manage without.

Twitter for Librarians. 70+ resources that focus on the use of Twitter by information professionals.

Fake or Spoof websites. These are two pages that I've produced to aid teachers and librarians who are teaching people site evaluation. Some are obvious, others less so. You can take a look at my scientific and commercial fake and spoof websites or my Historical, social, academic, religious, travel/tourism and politics fake or spoof websites. In total there are 61 examples.

Web search engines I've updated my websearch engines list, so that it now includes over 170 different engines. It's not a top listing, nor is it meant to be inclusive, it's just engines that I've found and blogged about. Mostly general, but some specific engines are hidden in there as well.

What is Twitter? This is a question that a lot of people are asking at the moment, so I've written a short page with some screencasts of what Twitter is, and how it can be used. If you know about Twitter, you might want to try my Twitter Search page instead, which gives you information on the Twitter search engine options and alternative Twitter search engines.

There's also a new page, with screencast, that tells you what to do if your Twitter account is compromised.

Articles you may find of particular interest

Which search engine when? This is still my most popular page and on it I list a variety of different search engines and what they are particularly useful for. It's not a complete list, and it isn't intended to be. Instead, it's a list of engines that I use on a regular basis, or which are of particular interest, and which I think you'll find helpful as well.

'I want to' is a page of Web 2.0 applications, such as social utilities, social bookmarking and so on. Currently there are over 1,000 applications listed and summarised.

Social Media bars, or footer bars. If you're interested in creating one of these, you might want to click on the link and take a read. (If you're not sure of what these are, there's one at the bottom of the page.)

Read this blog on how to gain exposure with link building for your website.

Other places that I write

As well as articles on my site and in my Search Weblog and Web 2.0 applications Weblog I also write for the CILIP Update Magazine and Ariadne Magazine.

Country Search Engines

If you're interested in doing regional or country based searching you may find my collection of country search engines useful. It's a listing of over 4,000 search engines covering more than 200 countries and regions.

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