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Welcome to my ‘About me’ page.

Welcome to the page that’s all about me! I’m not sure exactly what you would like to know, so there are a few different biographies of me to the right of the screen. I’m a trainer, author, speaker and internet consultant. I’m also a former two time President of CILIP - The Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals. When I’m not working I enjoy photography, painting and walking my dog.

Phil Bradley is an information specialist and well known Internet Consultant. He runs courses on various aspects of the Internet, such as Internet Search and social media. He is the author of several books about the Internet and speaks on various Internet related subjects at conferences. (45 words).


Short general biography

As you can see, I’m an internet consultant, and I specialise in internet search and social media for the library and information profession. Within that I work broadly; academic organisation, charities, government bodies, schools and library authorities. Basically, if you have a information resource centre of whatever stripe, I might be able to help you.

If you need a training course, I can work with you, your colleagues and staff to put on an event that meets your exact needs, be it for a day or even just an hour. I can run face to face courses anywhere in the country (or sometimes abroad if I can be persuaded), and/or virtual classes using Google Hangouts or other video conferencing software. I will provide handouts, in some cases video sessions to supplement the course and these can be used throughout your organisation, not just for the people who attended my course.

If your interests are more in the area of social media, I can work with you to look at what you currently have, see how well or badly it works, and suggest ways to improve your social media presence. I believe in teaching people to do this for themselves, but I can of course offer an ongoing service where I monitor how your organisation is doing.

What can I do for you?

Phil Bradley is an information specialist and has worked in the area of electronic publications for over 20 years. He became an Internet Consultant in 1996 and specialises in search, often being referred to as a 'UK Search Guru'. He teaches many varied courses on aspects of the Internet, both publically available and in-company. He also speaks at conferences and staff days, both in the UK and abroad. Phil is also well known for his writing, and he has written several books on different aspects of the Internet, as well as two popular blogs and a column in the Update Magazine. (108 words)

Longer general biography.

Phil has worked widely throughout the information industry, dealing with a lot of different clients. He has worked with government organisations such as House of Commons and Lords library staff, GCHQ staff, Foreign Office and so on. He is an accredited trainer for the European Parliament.

He has done work for various library organisations and authorities, such as CILIP, Ukeig, TFPL, the SLA, Norwich Libraries, Bedford Libraries the British Council and so on.

Phil has worked for various charitable organisations such as the RNIB, schools (for children, staff and parents). He has spent time with different corporate organisations in the world of banking, insurance and business.

Biography emphasising clients

Social Media for Creative Libraries Facet Publishing, 2015 ISBN: 9781856047135. Social Media for Creative Libraries explains how  librarians and information professionals can use online tools to communicate more effectively, teach people different skills and to market and promote their service faster, cheaper and more effectively.

Expert Internet Searching, 4th edition Facet Publishing, 2013 ISBN 9781856046053. This new edition, rewritten from scratch, gives readers the information and guidance they need to choose the right search tools and strategies for each information need. From searching social media effectively to tracking down an expert or a news story, and from searching by image to searching multimedia, Bradley introduces the best search engines and tools and explains how to get the most out of them.

Both of these titles are also available from Facet as eBooks.

Previous titles have included:

The advanced internet searchers handbook

Internet power searching (US)

The Business and Economy Internet Resource Handbook (editor)

Teaching the Internet to Library Staff and Users (Adapted)

Going Online, CD-ROM and the Internet

How to set up a CD-ROM workstation

UKOLUG Quick guide to the Internet

How to set up a CD-ROM workstation

The library internet trainers toolkit (Adapted)

How to use Web 2.0 in your library

Getting and staying noticed on the Web

My publications



By Email

01277 650 568 (This number is screened, so please be ready to identify who you are!)


On Twitter

 Great to have time with Mr Bradley, he’s a bit of a legend in Library circles

Very well presented

Best course I have been on

A lot of information covered - great!

It was quite excellent, I really enjoyed it

Really useful day & enjoyed the laid back atmosphere but allowed us to talk about issues & get feedback

Phil was an excellent speaker and a great event

Excellent handouts, thank you

Comments on my courses

Biography emphasising training

Phil has been running training courses since the mid 1980s, when he worked for the British Council. He moved into full time training/consultancy in 1996 and has trained thousands of information professionals around the world; the UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and the United States.

His courses are popular, since he places and emphasis on informality and enjoyment. Delegates are encouraged to explore resources for themselves, while he’s there to help.

Courses can be all day, half day, hour long, or over a lunch time period, and they can be tailormade according to your own specifications.

By telephone