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Social media tools: calendars and meetings

30 Boxes it's your life. Create a calendar, share it with friends.

Agreedo Meetings with results!

Anyvite lets you create online invites, plan parties, manage guest lists, and more. is a mashmap which allows you to type in different places, and then a type of place that you'd like to meet, such as a coffee shop, and the resource will try and find somewhere in the middle for you to meet up.

Bookmeetingroom meeting room booking software.

Clickbook A free online booking and scheduling program.

Doodle is a Web-based service for finding suitable dates for group events (e.g., an appointment, a conference call, a family reunion, etc.).

Eventbrite makes it easy for anyone to hold a successful event of any type and size.

Eventful. Search & add events as well as share & publish public or private calendars.

Evite is the top online invitation and social planning website.

Find a Time to Meet. It does what it says. Free, easy to use. Nothing to download, no registration required - how much easier could it get?

Kona Get organised, connect, brainstorm. Free and commercial versions.

Meetifyr | Get it together. Meetifyr is the world's simplest on-line shared calendar, just click "Create Calendar" to get started. No sign-up, no login. Forget sending round endless "When are you free?" emails, have one shared calendar which everyone can update. Getting your friends together can be like herding cars, Meetifyr makes it like shooting fish in a barrel. This is a free/commercial product that allows you to set up meetings, keep personal schedules, automatic reminders. Great for setting up events with groups of people.

Meet-0-Matic Simple, straightforward.

MeetWays. allows you to input 2 zip codes and a place like a theater or restaurant and it'll find somewhere nice for you both to meet.

MyHomePoint. Designed for family use.

Punchbowl does exactly what you would expect.

Rainlendar is customizable calendar, alarm service, to do list. Download the software

Scheduleonce is a simple Web 2.0 service that helps you find a time for your meeting with absolute accuracy across all time zones and daylight saving changes.

Schedulewall. Simple, Elegant, Organized and Painless Scheduling.

Supersaas set up meetings directly from your website

Timebridge find time for meetings

Tockify is a great online webpage calendar - it’s the one that I use on my own site, over on the left.

Trumba Publish a calendar, send email to group members, import an existing calendar, share it, organize multiple calendars, and print it out. Commercial

Whenisgood An easy way to find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or event.

Whenshallwecome? What you'd expect really - decide on the event, possible dates. They send out invites and guests choose when they can attend, then you choose. Simples.