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Discovery tools and applications to help with finding new books, music and so on


Any New Books? A free new book notification service ‘Any New Books?’ is a free notification service that was developed to alert you to new books in categories of your choice. You can currently select from 42 categories that span a broad range of subjects (you’re free to pick however many categories you’d like). For each category that you select when you sign up, you will receive one weekly digest of hand-picked new book releases. The selection process is not automated, because they believe a human editor is better able to pick books that will better appeal to a wide audience.

Bookish is useful - find your next book based on what you like.

Booktagger - Your Online Book Collection. It says of itself: "Tired of cruising book stores trying to judge a book by its cover? Now you can ask those who've read it before. Booktagger is an online bookshelf application to list the books you've read and to share them with others."

debbiesidea Discover new authors to read, add your own, comment on them.

LibraryThing Catalog your books online. This is the classic resource that is leading the pack.

Literature-Map Same as the music map, but for authors instead

Reader2 Catalogue your own books, share and learn from others

Revish!. According to the site: If you love reading and sharing your reading experiences you're in the right place!

Riffle is a social book sharing concept.

What Should I Read Next?. Enter a book you like and their database of real readers' recommendations will suggest something.

Whichbook Discover new books to read! It does exactly that. It employs a sliding scale on a set of 12 variables such as happy/sad, easy/demanding, short/long, beautiful/disgusting, safe/disturbing and so on. You can also switch to choosing a book based on character, plot or setting.

Your Next Read is based on book title, author, genre etc.


CookThing - How to Cook Anything. Choose what you want to cook, click on the ingredients that you have, and then take a peek at the recipes that match it.

Cookthink. Nice idea - put in a few ingredients that you've got to hand and this resource will find a recipe for you.

Goojee curates hand selected recipes from around the world.


Nanocrowd. This is very clever, and I like it. It's a discovery engine rather than a search engine though. Simply type in a film/actor/director that you like, and Nanocrowd will attempt to find others that you like.

m o v i e l e n s. Free, personalized, non-commercial, ad-free, great movie recommendations

MyFilmz Type in a movie name that you like and get recommendations. Add your own favourites as well, and tag them

YourNextFilm Movie and TV Recommendations (UK). This is obviously one of a stable of products, given that I've just taken a look at the games version of this app. This works in exactly the same way; just type in a film that you like and you are presented with a variety of suggestions. I tried a few examples myself and overall I was very satisfied with the results I got.


Gamerankings Rankings for games

Millions of games. Every game, updated every day. Want to find a game to play? There's a whole bunch of them here. Not one of my interests I'm afraid, but if you like games, it's worth a look.

Mobygames Browse by genre, year, console etc.

Video Game Recommendations (UK). This is nice and simple. Simply type in the name of the video game that you have played all that you enjoy and this resource will find some recommendations for you. I tried it myself with a game I played recently, and it came up with a couple of recommendations for games that I was already considering getting. It appears to cover most of the gaming systems, but I'm not an expert on that you may need to try to yourselves.


H2O Playlist: Home. A shared list of readings and other content about a topic of intellectual interest.

Librarious for books, movies, music, the works. share, tag and discover.

liveplasma Discover movies and music you'll like. Still in beta

Noowit is good for finding news based on social media contacts

Plagspotter to find copies of URLs on the web

Taste Kid Find similar music (artists, bands), movies, books. Whack in the name of a person, film, band etc and this will give you some ideas of what else you might like. Quite impressive!


Blip is a quick way to tell your friends what song you're into right this minute. You also find out what your favorite people are listening to in real-time — no need to refresh the page.

Online Karaoke Search, sing and share at It basically grabs stuff from YouTube, and puts in the lyrics below. Neatly done, but doesn't strip out the original singer, so at best you're going to be singing in collaboration. Not exactly Karaoke.

Discogs a user-built database of music information.

Earwurm Do you know that sensation of having a tune or song fixed in your mind, repeating over and over? That is called an earworm! Even the tiniest fragment of a tune, an earwurm, can trigger one...

Free and legal music downloads a million of 'em Used this one myself and like it. Free and commercial versions.

Musicbrainz a community music metadatabase

Music-Map. Type in an artist, and it'll show you other similar artists

musicmesh Whack in the name of a musician or band and it'll pull up other related groups for you.

Pandora. Nice, I've used it myself, but unfortunately does not work in the UK :(

shuffler is a music discovery site based on blogs. Taken from the site: "Shuffler aggregates music from around the web by genre. So if you go to our home page you will see a list of channels. They are like radio channels but divided by genre. When you click on a channel we send you to a blog post and start playing one of the songs mentioned on that post. If you don't like it you can skip ahead or pick another channel from the shuffler bar on the top of the page. When the song ends, we send you to the next song on the next blog. Always on the same genre."

Spotify is the best of the bunch IMO, and I pay for the subscription version.

Spotiseek creates a mixtape with music you probably like. Just name an artist below to find similar music.

Tubalr is based on Reddit as much as I can tell.