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Miscellaneous search engines

There are always a few search engines that, while very useful, almost define definition. Obviously I want this list to be as short as possible, so here we go.

Spelling and words

Sometimes you may not know how to spell a particular word. While Google's 'Did you mean' option can be useful, it's not always perfect. Some engines do assist in this though.

Abbreviations  Thousands of abbreviations - impressive!

Acronym Finder is extremely good

Anagrams very good utility for finding anagrams.

Definitions A large database of thousands of definitions can suggest correct spellings for you

Exalead  Advanced search allows you to search for approximate spelling or phonetic spelling for lots of lyrics!

Online Etymology Dictionary Large and impressive collection is all about common phrases, casual expressions and idioms

Quotes A good selection of quotations.

The Reverse Dictionary will suggest words based on your suggestions for words that rhyme

Synonyms Good collection of synonyms, also provides images

Visuwords Look up words in the Visuwords online graphical dictionary and thesaurus to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts.

World Wide Words International English from a UK viewpoint

Real oddities!

Some engines really need to be in the misc. misc. category!

Allconferences Directory listing conferences, conventions, and other professional events in all fields.

Bananaslug takes your search and adds a random word. Lots of luck and serendipity required here though! is an online conversions calculator for a variety of unit measurements featuring natural language queries.

Dooblet A search engine to find the alternatives to a broad range of subjects. Each alternative is rated by its relevance.

Easy Unit Converter is a helpful resource for converting shoe sizes, currencies, speeds, energy, cooking units, distances and lengths, volume units, and more.

Famous Birthdays is the most comprehensive resource for celebrity birthdays.

Favorite Puppy Names offers a large pool of dog names sorted by category.

FindTheBest is an objective comparison engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and select the best choice for you.

Ghosts of Earth is one of the most haunted places on the web.

Glutenfreefox for gluten free stuff.

Gotta Love A Lab is an outstanding resource for all things Labs. The site provides tons of Labrador articles, pictures, names, stories, and important tips about this highly popular breed. offers free satellite views and maps of public places such as cities, parks, libraries, and stadiums. has comprehensive information about how long you can keep thousands of foods and beverages.

TopSite attempts to show you the 'top sites' on the net for a variety of different subject areas.

Wackosearch is totally pointless, in that it brings back random results for your search. That IS the idea of it.