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Miscellaneous resources

Computer related resources

Automatically back up your hard drive - Lifehacker. Excellent set of descriptions on how to back up your hard drive automatically.

DriverGuide - printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.

Portable Firefox Put Firefox onto an ipod or USB device

Time is lets you check to see if your computer clock is accurate.

JR Screen Ruler. This Screen Ruler is a great tool that allows you to accurately measure anything on your screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or whatever.

What font is? Tells you what font is which.

File formats

Able2extract coverts scanned image PDFs into Word.

Bender Converter YouTube Converter to Mp3, Avi, iPod, iPhone. Bender Converter is an easy-to-use online application for downloading and converting videos from such services as YouTube, Daily Motion, Mega Video, Vimeo,, Veoh, Google Video and many others. You can download video and audio in MP3, AVI, GIF, FLV Flash, iPod / iPhone and other popular formats.

Convert anything to anything. That’s what it does! 206 formats supported.

Convert my image takes jpgs and turns them into pdf files.

fileminx Free and Easy Real-time File Conversion. Changes files from one format to another. Just upload it, tell it what format you want and done.

Fill Any PDF Form is a website where you upload your PDF form and link to it so other people can fill it out and sign it online. No software is needed. Any PDF form can be used, even if it's not "interactive", so you can get started right away. You can even invite a group to fill out your forms and track the results. Anyone that collects signatures or filled out forms will find to be a valuable time-saving resource.

Free File Converter Online file conversion. Lots of options. It does what it does and I'm sure you can work it out for yourself. is a free youtube video to MP3 Converter and allows you to convert and download a video to MP3 file online. This service is fast, free, and requires no signup. All you need is a Video URL, and their software will transfer the video to our server, extract the MP3, and give you a link to download the audio file. So you are able to listen to your favorite YouTube tracks on MP3 players.

HTML-PDF-Converter. It's a simple service to convert the web pages to PDF files. No need to install applications on your computer. It's free and without registration!

Mobile Media Converter online. Use for free and for as many times as you want our online YouTube to MP3, YouTube to OGG Vorbis, YouTube to AAC or YouTube to WMA converter! Just enter the url of your YouTube clip and we will send you the audio file to your email!

Online TrID. A utility that helps you identify a file type and what you can do with it.

Openwith Free programs to open any file extension!.This is a very helpful site in that it provides detailed information about most file extension and links to free programs that can open and create each type of file.

PDF Converter turns pdfs into various different types.

PDFescape. Edit pdf files using just your browser and their software.

PDFmyURL. Nice and simple this one. Just pop in a specific URL and this will turn it into a PDF for you to download and save or print.

PDF Online : Create and convert PDF files.

Smallpdf turns just about anything into a pdf.

Sothink Video Converter AVI MP4 MP3 Converter. From the website: "Sothink Video Converter is 100% free video converter software for converting rich formats of video audio files, with high definition and top speed. The supported media formats includes video AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, 3GP, TS, FLV, RMVB, MKV, H.264, HD Video, and audio MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc. Let you enjoy high definition movies on desktop PC, laptop, many portable media players and latest mobile devices."

Text to PDF Create a PDF file by just typing. Create Adobe PDF files on the fly from the text typed in the text box. No need for document upload or convertion.

Video2mp3 YouTube to MP3 Converte is a free YouTube to MP3 Converter and allows you to convert and download a video to MP3 file online. This service is fast, free, and requires no signup. All you need is a Video URL, and our software will transfer the video to their server, extract the MP3, and give you a link to download the audio file. So you are able to listen to your favorite YouTube tracks on every MP3 player. There is no software you have to download to use their free YouTube to MP3 Converter.

You convert it Free online media file conversion (Document, Images, Audio, Video & Archives). This is a nice looking resource - you can use it to convert files from one format to another, convert online files, send files and convert units.

Zamzar - Free online file conversion. Up to 100MB. Image, docs, music, video and other.

Zinepal: Create your own printable magazines and eBooks. Give it a webpage URL or a blog and it'll create .pdf files for you automatically. Nice and quick and simple. Very impressive.


The Baby Name Wizard The Name Experts. Normally I'm not particularly interested in babies names, but this website has proved the exception to the rule. I've seen plenty of other baby name websites and the most that they seem to do is give you a definition of the name and that's about it. This resource however goes above and beyond anything I've seen before.

You can start with the baby name finder and search by style, letters, popularity, and more. For example I decided to try and find a baby name this started with the letter P and I chose contemporary style, but uncommon names.I got three suggestions; Pacen, Pax and Phibes. All rather odd, but to be fair they did exactly match my criteria.There is also a graft a name option and you can track the popularity of names over time. Moreover there is a map a name feature and you can see where your name is most popular, but unfortunately this seems to be limited to the United States.

Blisscontrol. Manage your social network settings quickly and easily.

Blurb. Create your own book with their free software.

Facto; random facts about yourself. There are some resources that I see on the net which I simply don't get, and is one of them. You're probably familiar with which allows you to create an account and lets people ask you questions. I tried it for a while but found I was doing most of the asking and not much of the answering, so I gave up on it. Facto is designed so that you can write facts about yourself that other people wouldn't know. You can then let them see them.

Film Transfer Transfers film into different formats

Generated paper - choose from 40 different styles such as lined, graph etc. and print them off.

Go Currency is a nice currency converter

Have I been pwned? Has your email account been compromised?

Map Envelope Simply go to MapEnvelope and type in your location, the message that you want to send, preview, print, cut out, fold it up, glue it down and you've got a personalised envelope. Small, but workable. Why not type in your friends address, fold it with the image outside and post it - help the postman find the exact location!

MapFight. Put in 2 different countries and see the difference in size.

My Permissions. Protect your personal information and find out when websites gain access to your info.

Old money to new. Find out how much yesterday's money (1270 - 1970) is worth today. (UK Currency)

Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else. Weights, measures, lengths, cooking, dates, times, energy... it's all here!

online Egg Timer Okay, I'm not exactly sure what you going to do with an online Egg Timer but whatever it is you can use up to 3 of them. You can choose up to 99 min and obviously seconds and when you have set your time or timers when they ring they will ring with a nice little telephone sound. It does what it says on the tin.

Password security "How safe is my password?' is a question that I get asked a lot. I found a really nice site that checks this for you - How Secure is my password which tries to tell you. Just type in a password and see what it comes back with - it's pretty instant.

Pro Con Lists can help you make more informed decisions by weighing all the positives and negatives. Create a List for any Topic or Decision Some of the questions a Pro/Con list can help with are: * Should I go to that school? * Is this a good television? * Will it be a good thing if I date her? * Should I buy a house?

RandomizeList Scramble a List. Yeah, I thought the concept of creating a list and then scrambling it was a bit odd too. But it's a good idea - if you don't want to show favouritism for something perhaps. Not something you'll want much, but when you do, it'll be well handy.

Social business cards. Turn your profile into a business card!

Star Wars Weather Forecast. Pop in your location and it tells you what the weather is like ala Star Wars. In London at the moment, it's about 2 degrees, which makes it like Hoth. 'You may have to climb inside a tauntaun for warmth.'

This to That (Glue Advice). How to glue one thing to another thing.

Touchpad blocker. Stop your touchpad from being so sensitive.

Where In the World Have You Been All Your Life?. Map of the world. Click on the places that you've been. They get coloured in. You then save it. Boast to the world how much of it you've seen.

World66 - visited countries. Tell it what countries you've visited, and it comes back with your own map of the world. Fun. - The Universal Currency Converter ?. I use this all the time.


boxedup. You can import your Amazon wish list and use a browser plug in to add new stuff. As seems quite common with these things there is a recent activity on public lists available, so remember to keep things private!

faavr is, according to the site, the ultimate wish list and gift registry.  Add items from anywhere on the web with their little button. Tell your friends, get them to visit the site and buy you stuff. Joins a long list of wishlist options. Looks as good as the rest.

Wishlistr is an easy to use web-based application that will help you collect, organize and keep track of the things you want. It also lets you share those things with friends and family.

Wishpot makes it easy for you to shop anywhere, keep all your finds in one place, connect with friends, and discover the hottest deals. Uses a browser widget.