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Calendars and meetings

If you’re looking for tools to help you plan out your day, such as a shared calendar for you and colleagues, or you have to see if there’s a good time that you can all come together for a meeting, then this is the page that you want.

Social Media tools

I first started creating a list of social media tools (which we called Web 2 back in the day) in about 2005 and have been collecting them ever since. The list has grown really large now, and it is split over several pages. If you want to keep up to date with new tools as I find them, you may wish to take a look at my Social Media Tools weblog.

Databases, drawing, mindmapping and general

A bit of a mishmash here, but still full of good stuff. If you have collections, turn them into a database. If you want to share drawings, or create mindmapping resources you’ll find plenty here. There’s also some survey software as well.

Office suites, presentation tools, project management & screen sharing/recording

This page contains powerful software tools, particularly for presentations and screen sharing.

Communication tools

Bulletin boards, forums, chat boxes, instant messaging, video conferencing, network creation, post-it resources, and sending or copying files and other data. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also tools to help with RSS feeds as well.

Discovery tools

Looking for books that you might like to read? How about food, films, games, or music. Just plug in your details into these tools and they’ll come back and tell you what else you might enjoy.

Education tools

If you’re a teacher, or trainer, there are tools here that can help. Plenty of fun ones, but there are also tagging and word cloud tools as well.

Email tools

What’s that you say?  You thought there was only Gmail? There are many disposable email address websites, you can create newsletters, or have you thought about sending yourself an email into the future?

Humour or indeed humor

Create puzzles, image generators, humourous images, loads of material here to help you waste some time, but equally there’s stuff that you can use to help in your work as well if you want to make a fun point.

Image tools

Buttons for websites, fonts, or indeed finding icons that you can use - all of these and more.

Miscellaneous resources

I hate having a misc. Category, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. Computer related resources, file formats, wishlists and really miscellaneous stuff. This page is worth a good old rummage around.

Multimedia tools

Audio tools, general multimedia based material, podcasting, Flickr related material, photography photograph hosting websites, photographic printing and book creation tools - all this and more.

Start pages and home pages

This refers to the page that opens up when you start your browser. They’re an excellent way to get immediate access to the information that you’re after, without having to rely on a bunch of favourites or searching.

Storage and backup tools

Have you backed up recently? No? Then stop what you’re doing, check out these tools and start to use one of them. If you need somewhere to store all of that lovely data that you’ve got, there’s a bunch of really good tools in this list that will help.

Time Management

Need help in arranging or organising something? How about taking notes, read later applications or to do lists? You’ll find them all on this page.

Webpage resources

Annotating webpages, bookmarking, webpage watching services, URL shortening tools, widgets and gadgets, creating polls to put on your site - plenty of stuff here.

Website tools

Do you want to create websites, or just some pages? How about checking to see if a domain is available, or doing some analysis on one that’s already out there?

What about website passwords, the value of sites, or wiki creation or comparisons?

You’re at the right place!