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A review of Social Searcher - a social media search engine


Searching for social media content isn’t something that is the easiest thing in the world to do. You have to decide what social media networks you want to look for, then find a search engine that is going to provide you with access to it. Then you have to decide on your next network and start the whole process again. That also presupposes that you know exactly which networks are available, and that’s not always straightforward. There are an increasing number of social media search engines available to searchers, but in this review I’ll be looking specifically at Social Searcher.

Basic search

As you would expect, you get a straightforward search box - nothing odd or unusual about that. Very clear  and simple.

However, when you have run your search, things start to get interesting quite quickly. Social Searcher is something of a multi search engine in that it runs your search across a wide variety of different platforms. It will search:

The results are displayed in a column format, and you can scroll left, right and up and down.

As you can see at the bottom in the grey area, there’s the listing of the different networks that you can search, and it’s a very smooth operation to move from one to the next.


Social Searcher also provides you with access to some interesting analytical tools, such as sentiment (in terms of positive, negative, neutral and ratio), the source of the content that you have found:

Links to specific content, types of result (links, photographs, status updates), keywords (1 word, 2 words, 3 words) and popular content (such as retweeted tweets).

Advanced search options

There’s not a great deal of options available; you have the usual “phrase searching” and NOT as well as minus to exclude. In the advanced feature you can filter search results by post types (links, photographs, status updates and videos), language (a very wide selection), any of the aforementioned social networks, and… that’s about it I’m afraid.

The Web and Facebook search options

One thing that is particularly worth mentioning is that Social Searcher offers a couple of particular functions for Web and Facebook search. You can start social monitoring for all web mentions of your topic, such as news, blogs, forums, comments and videos, and get advanced analytics with source site traffic ranking. With Facebook, you can get a post feed. You simply provide the exact Facebook page URL in the advanced options, or directly from search results.

Free and commercial options

You can use Social Searcher free for 100 real time searches per day. The basic version allows 200 searches per day going through to the professional version at 800 searches per day, based on network usage. Costs go from €3.49 per month to €19.49 a month.

Google Social Search

Social Searcher has another really useful tool which is quite hidden away, and I think it really needs to be brought to the fore rather more, and that’s the Google Social Search dashboard. This is basically a search box that allows users to search Google and limit by site, so you can get results from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can either search each one individually or a number of them in one go and get a column approach set of results:

It’s a nice and simple function - the real strength of Social Searcher, and for those people who just need a quick check on content, this may be the preferred option for you to use.


Social Searcher is a really nice engine and I like the simple column approach that lets me see a wide range and variety of results. If you need a quick overview of what’s available across the social networking spectrum, Social Searcher will save you a lot of time. For most of us, the free version is going to be all that we’ll ever need, but if you search commercially, the monthly cost isn’t going to break the bank.


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