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Home pages and start pages

43marks Very basic collection of link options. No widgets, very little to encourage use to be honest.

All My Faves This is a kind of start page, except that you can't yet add anything yourself. It simply lists lots of categories and then lists 10 resources in each listing for you to click on.

BlueG looks good, lots of widgets etc.

BonzoBox – The Center of the Internet. This doesn't look bad at all. Nice little start page resource that allows you to login to a resource and then click and drag the webpage onto a grid screen to view it. Commercial product though. :(

Dash - create beautiful dashboards with a few clicks.

Funky Homepage. It's a start page that seems to work on a cookie/IP basis, so it's fine for one machine, but maybe not so good if you're on the move. However, not bad for what it does, though I'll be sticking with Netvibes.

iClick2View. Looks like a very basic start page. I doubt that it's going to go anywhere, and can't see it in competition with iGoogle, Netvibes, Pageflakes etc.

ILoggo to create your homepage with icons of your favourite sites.

Internet buttons If you have a friend or relation who is not too up on using the net, or you wanted to create a really simple home or start page for someone, try Internet Buttons. Very simple - choose the link, choose the buttons and choose a URL. Point friend/relation to 'their' page and it makes life easier for them.

Kadaza: Your visual start page. Only the best and most popular sites of the web.. I'm always interested in looking at start pages, mainly because their idea of a start page isn't the same as mine. No difference with Kadaza either - you can only choose from an admittedly huge list of resources broken down into a wide variety of different options. You can move their position, but that's about it. Not a bad idea if you just want to be presented with a bunch of options, but very limited personalisation. Create a start page with 5 large icons. Pick your favourites from a list of sites, set as your browser start page, customise one, and that's it.

MyStartSite. This is a site to view multiple search engines, receive news headlines, and access to your favorite links.  It's very basic, but may appeal to some.

Netvibes. Create your start page. Resource rich.

Nextaris -- connecting People and Their Information. Start page, publish data, social networking, it's all here.

Only2Clicks. Very simple and straightforward if you just want something quick for your favourite links/sites.

Pobb is an online Tool to create your own eHome, with links to your favourite places on the Net and lots more.

Protopage Create a start page, sticky notes, reminders. Free, very clever.

Sitehoover; flexible home page system. Sitehoover is a simple to use home page resource that works using thumbnails for sites that you input yourself. If you register (which you'll need to in order to keep the page you create) you can theme it, import bookmarks from Firefox, use RSS feeds and create public 'hoovers' as well.

Spaaze. This is a cross between a start page, Wallwisher and Glogster resource. Add content, move it around the screen, add in images and video, put in links and so on. They are going to go for a pricing model, which probably isn't that sensible, given the free resources that are overlapping into this territory. This one looks ok, but a bit clunky to start with. However, you can actually edit the HTML to make it look nicer - if you're ok doing that of course! Supports RSS feeds.

Startme widgets, the usual stuff. Looks fine.

Startpix works on the idea of using icons. Limited use IMO.

SymbalooEDU Start page for schools. This is an interesting twist on their existing start page offering, which I've blogged previously. They now have version optimized for teachers, allowing school branding, customised content, webinar training, with a maximum number of of users. It's also free of any advertising.

Tizmos provides access to websites via large thumbnails. Great for training purposes!

Trackpanel creates instant personal dashboards.

uStart - Your customisable start page!. This looks very good indeed actually. Same format as Pageflakes and Netvibes. Good approach, wide variety of widgets, very neat.

Wonderpage - your bookmarks visualised, organised and shared.

Yourport is an icon based start page.

Zeadoo is your personal homepage for searching, bookmarking and sharing websites with friends.

zenstart. These people say that they've got 'the best start page', but it doesn't allow you to add your own resources, there's no opportunity for RSS feeds, no widgets - just a series of pre-assigned lists of sites. All you can do is change the position of them within the 6 assigned categories. It's also very American biased. Until they can add more functionality, this is just a listing of sites - and not a very good one either!